Wednesday, March 28, 2012

baby's first steps

i recently found this super cute fabric and was just waiting for the right project to come along to use it. the weather has been so beautiful lately, so during nap time today i made baby G a fashion savvy skirt (mermaid-style). yes, i said mermaid-style. it turned out perfect and was so easy to make. check out this new creation at our etsy shop ( 

the best part of the project was the photo shoot.  baby G decided to take her first steps for mommy, yeah!

now she is ready to go see the world...or at least our street.

check out these cute baby accessories (Benny Blossoms) i used for the photoshoot made by my friend and fellow crafter. these are available on her etsy site (bennyjsboutique).

 ~ jeannette

Friday, March 23, 2012

baby A's shower

as you have heard, I am about to be an aunt and couldn't be more excited. i decided that i had to throw my lovely sister a wonderful and decadent baby shower. can you believe this is the first baby shower i have ever hosted!! and one of the first parties i have hosted at this house. i was so nervous and so desperately wanted it to be perfect that i took two days off work to prepare. despite all my planning, i still didn't avoid having my husband up with me at 1am the night before the party making a diaper cake. (i am married to the best man ever)


 a couple of weeks before the big event, i spent many nights on pinterest in search for inspiration. i decided to go with little A's nursery colors...bright pink and green. here is crib blanket and bedskirt we made during one of our Saturday sewing days...


ruffle cake. not one but two. to be honest, i didn't think I had it in me. i even tried to find someone else to frost the cakes, but in the end i thought i would give it a try. i chose to make the strawberry buttercream icing from scratch...yummmmm. 

i did say this was going to be a decadent and over-the-top event, so a couple of cakes wouldn't do. the sweets table was perfect with cake pops, sugar cookies (my aunt's recipe), candies, and cupcakes-in-a-jar (yes, i said cupcakes-in-a-jar)! 

i received so many compliments on the shower, that for a (very) brief moment i thought we should go into party planning until my husband shot that idea down real fast. more specifically, "you guys are crazy. how many small business can two women run?"

we love you guys. only a couple more weeks to go.

love, auntie J

Thursday, March 15, 2012

baby G's new boots

wow! i can't believe how long it has been since our last post!  sorry about that.  truth be told, it has a lot to do with the fact that baby G is expecting a new cousin next month.  that's right!  i am going to be having a baby!  all of us are really excited, but it has caused somewhat of a slow down here at i yudda you.

so, to start things off again, baby G suggested that we show of her new boots.  sometime in january, jeannette decided that baby G needed some boots, but couldn't find any that were quite cute, in true i yudda you fashion, she decided to make some.  i wish i could say that i was somehow involved, but i was busy growing a child and planning the nursery theme.

anyway, after hours of contemplating how to make them (check out the pattern at and looking for fabric, she created these wonderful boots!

as you can see...she loves them!!  if you love them as much as she does, you can check them out at our etsy site.  and as always, feel free to pick your own colors or fabrics!

~kristen (auntie and soon to be mommy #2!!!)