about us

jeannette and kristen:
my sister, jeannette, and i decided to start "i yudda you" after the birth of her daughter.  as children, our mom taught us how to sew, and we were very excited to put those skills to good use and make my niece some cute dresses.  after several people told us that we should start a company, we decided to jump on in.  although we are both very busy with our day jobs (my sister is a pharmacist and i am a speech pathologist) we have enjoyed spending the extra time together on this little venture.  we are so excited to share our creations with you!

 ~ ~ ~ ~

our name: 
as a little girl, my sister often used the phrase "i yudda you" to say "i love you".  my parents later made it into a song and we continued to use the phrase throughout our childhood.  when we were deciding on a name for a company, it seemed perfect to give it a name that meant so much to us.

~kristen (auntie)