Thursday, November 8, 2012

little ray of sunshine

after much internet surfing, i finally decided on a costume for my munchkin...a rainbow. a sign of God's covenant with us and an excuse to practice our colors. of course it had to be handmade. so off i went to my local fabric store for 7 shades of felt. 

after my hubby did some very intense calculations, it was time to start cutting.

really wasn't too bad. my new hot glue gun worked nicely. and with a fluffy white cloud and some arm holes it was pretty much perfect.

 there never was a cuter rainbow. i even and three events for her to wear it to (be it kicking and screening). may have found myself saying once or twice: "this is not for me but for you."  needless to say by halloween night she had us trained...she would only put her costume on for a piece of candy.  

the piggy tails were a nice touch if i don't say so myself.


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