Thursday, July 7, 2011

4 fateful words

it happened one sunny april day. two sisters set out on an adventure to explore a new store and left with a dream and four fateful words..."we can do that!"  can you tell i am the dramatic one?! as a new mom of a beautiful four month old baby girl, i find myself drawn to all things pink and lovely...

...but i really need to start this story at the very beginning. when i was in third grade i had an art assignment. i worked for weeks on this canvus portraying fire. the day it was due i waited with excitement to see my teacher's response, only to be disappointed that she felt i lacked all skill and creativity. this sparked years of creative doubt and artistic block. don't worry...the story does get better. my sister (best sister ever) on the other hand has a real gift. now years later i have decided to overcome my fear of creativity and design beautiful and unique clothing and accessories for babies and their mommies. having a baby has brought my sister and i closer (never thought we could be any closer) and we love that "we can do that" together!

~jeannette (mommy)

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