Sunday, August 7, 2011

baby G's first sewing lessons

 we (kristen and i) have been spending lots of time in my sun room (newly converted sewing room) designing and making lots of cute dresses, nursing covers, burp rags, bibs, etc. and baby G is usually quite content to play in her walker or on her blanket and watch her big puppies play in the back yard. 

however, today she decided that she too wanted to get in on the action. we starting by learning the importance of washing your fabric before you start pinning and sewing.

next we learned about sewing side seams and gathering to make a skirt. baby G is more interested in watching daddy take our picture. 

after many hours we finally finished. yeah! i am actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. it has an underskirt with tulle and everything.  too bad it is sized for a 3 month old rather than a 5 month old. 

now we just have to figure out what to name the dress. suggestions?

~jeannette (mommy)

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