Tuesday, April 24, 2012

april sewing day

i wish that we had time to get together more than once a month to sew and craft, but with a toddler and a baby on the way we are both pretty busy. we had so much fun this month starting new projects and completing some that have been in development for a while. 

first is this precious purple polka dot smocked dress with white ribbon straps. this dress will be perfect for any toddler this summer. unfortunately neither of our daughters will be able to wear it this year. 

as much as we enjoy making cute clothes for babes and toddlers, it is time to work on something new. we decided to tap into all my sister's experience with developmental therapy tools in preschool and elementary school kids. check out these toddler/preschool learn to button and thread educational toys. kids are able to practice buttoning while exploring different shapes, colors and textures and have fun at the same time. 

It is as easy as 1 - 2 -3 or heart - triangle - square

also new, pocket-sized baby wipes. perfect soft, reusable, terry cloth and easily portable wipes. 

lastly a stylish headband for those busy ladies in your life. we each made one for ourselves and i have to say that they are so comfy. i try to avoid headaches from hair accessories at all cost.  these would be perfect for mother's day!

check out all of these items in our etsy shop and coupon codes for our current sales.

~ jeannette


  1. All very nice creations. Love that little dress.

  2. you two sisters have the most adorable items in your shop! :) I really love the shapes educational toy . . . .soooo cute and definitely one of a kind!

  3. You guys got talent! I especially like the developmental toy idea. :)
    Please stop by my blog today for That Thing You Do Thursday, where you can post your items for sale directly into my blog until Sunday, April 29 midnight pacific time.

  4. Love your items, especially the button and thread toy!

  5. The shapes toy is very clever and the headbands look very comfie!

  6. The dress is adorable and the tactile toys are perfect...........

  7. Great new ideas! I love the button & thread toy.