Tuesday, April 17, 2012

oh, where to hang art for toddler

i wanted to share my eureka mommy moment from this weekend. my mother is in town for the much anticipated birth of her second granddaughter and my niece. she brought with her a piece of her own artwork for hubby and i to hang in baby G's room.

now the question....where do we hang this masterpiece? 

naturally hubby walked around the room holding it up to all of the bare walls, when i realized, why not hang it where baby G can enjoy it. so we did. she enjoys sitting in front of it and admiring the new addition to her room. there are so many wonderful products now at the hardware store (e.g., wall velcro) that you don't have to worry about nails at eye level.

now if only we could come up with some interactive wall art, so baby G can stay out of my cupboards!

~ jeannette


  1. Great idea! If it is in baby's room, the baby should be able to see it...ingenious! :) Ummmm, I don't know what to tell you about the cabinets...they are just SO interesting!

  2. How about PICTURES of interesting pots and pans in baby G's room at eye level?! Love your idea of hanging artwork at eye level!

  3. You found the perfect place to hang it!! It's a lovely painting, colorful and bright!!